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Gumbyecca was born on the island of Boca Chica (also known as broken chicken).  She was the youngest of 2,   She had an older brother named Gumby, and her mother and father were Gumba and Gumbo.  Gumbyeccas first word was Pogo. Her parents were very proud of her. So they went out and got her a pogo stick.  When she was able to stand on 2 feet she jumped on her pogo stick and started bouncing away. She bounced everywhere. She very rarely walked.  One day she decided she wanted to bounce right out of Boca Chica. Since Boca Chica is an island and there was no way to pogo across the water, Gumbyecca decided to get all the sea turtles in a line from Boca Chica to the mainland.  When they were all lined up she bounced from one sea turtle to another.  Eventually she made it across. She did have a little trouble when one sea turtle wanted to take her pogo stick away from her. But she said if he didn't let her cross then she would have to hug him.  That frightened him a bit and he let her go over him.
When she got to land she was surrounded by scientists that wanted 2 take away her pogo stick because they had never seen such an odd device and wanted to dissect it.  But she quickly bounced away before they were able to take it.  She bounced from Florida to Alaska.  While in Alaska she met some Eskimos.  She showed them her pogo stick and they said they remember seeing others with pogo sticks passing through their village. Gumbyecca was surprised to hear that there were others with pogo sticks. So she asked the Eskimos if they could show her where the others went.  They said if she showed them how to pogo they would take her to the other people with pogos.  So she let them try her pogo stick. But they quickly gave up because with all the bulky heavy clothing they couldn't jump very well.  So they showed her where the other people with pogos went.  She soon found out that the pogoers had a group called the pogo squad. She showed them what she could do on a pogo stick and they said that she could join the group if she wanted. So from this day on Gumbyecca has been pogoing with the pogo squad.
Gumbyecca has a Foam Master pogo and her favorite trick is the peg grab.  She would someday like to land a One-Foot Peg Grab.